Party Button™

Already part of the Bunch Network™ so players can jump into your game from the Bunch app?

Great! By adding our Party Button™ inside your game, you can give more of your players a way to chat with friends before, while, and after playing your game.

How it works

With just the tap of a button, your players can easily start a group video party on Bunch, round up their friends, and jump back into your game to play together. And the best part? Party Button™ is a lightweight integration that doesn’t require an SDK!

Here’s how it works in your game:

  • A user taps the Party Button™ in your game
  • This deep links the user into Bunch, where a group video chat party is automatically started with your game pre-selected to play. The users’ Bunch friends are also notified.
  • The user can either accept a random match of players from the Bunch Network™ or wait for their friends to join the party.
  • Once the party is assembled, the players are deep linked back into your game and placed in the same game session. During gameplay, players communicate via Bunch, which runs in the background.

Integrating the Party Button™ into your game

Want to add the Party Button™ to your game? Here’s what to do:

1. Make sure your game is compatible with the Bunch Network™

For the Party Button™ to work, your game must be compatible with Bunch. That is, players on Bunch must be able to open your game to automatically join the same game session.

If you haven’t done so already, join the Bunch Network™ by following the steps here.

2. Enable deep linking to Bunch to start a party

To let players initiate a party on Bunch from inside your game, you must add a button to your game that launches a configured deep link to the Bunch app.

Here’s an example of a deep link to start a Bunch party:

These are accepted parameters in the Bunch deep link:

  • Parameter
  • Type
  • Description
  • Required
  • gameKey
  • string
  • Once your game is registered with Bunch, you’ll receive a gameKey. This is a unique key that identifies your game within the Bunch Network™. It’ll direct Bunch to pre-select your game when the Bunch app opens.
  • yes
  • username
  • string
  • Username from the game. Bunch may use this information to expedite the onboarding process so players can jump into the party experience faster.
  • no
  • avatar
  • string
  • If the user already has an avatar or profile picture in your game, you can pass this into Bunch via the deep link. Bunch can use this information to display the avatar as the user’s profile picture and expedite the onboarding process so that players can jump into the party experience faster.
  • no
  • authToken
  • string
  • This feature is limited to certain partners. It lets players automatically authenticate when opening Bunch. To integrate this feature, please get in touch with us at
  • no

Here’s a sample of Swift code for the Party Button™:

// Bunch only supports iOS 10+ func supportsBunch() -> Bool { let compareResult ="10", options: NSString.CompareOptions.numeric) return compareResult == ComparisonResult.orderedDescending } func partyButtonTapped() { guard supportsBunch() else { return } let gameKey = YOUR_GAME_KEY var username:String? // (Optional) Pass player username here. let url = URL(string:"")! var urlComponents = URLComponents(url: url, resolvingAgainstBaseURL: false) var dictionary: [AnyHashable: Any] = ["gameKey":gameKey] if let username = username { dictionary["username"] = username } let queryItems ={ return URLQueryItem(name: "($0)", value: "($1)") } urlComponents?.queryItems = queryItems if let launchUrl = urlComponents?.url { UIApplication.shared.openURL(launchUrl) } }

3. Configure your game to handle incoming deep links from Bunch

Once the party has assembled on Bunch, the players will be deep linked back into your game and join the same game session. Bunch will continue to run in the background to facilitate communication between your players.

If your game supports incoming deep links and you shared your deep linking schema with us while registering your game with the Bunch Network™, you don’t need to do anything else. If you haven’t completed these steps, follow our instructions here.

Integrating our Party Kit (Optional)

Adding the Party Button™ to your game lets you integrate Bunch functionality without implementing an SDK. However, implementing our Party KIT SDK allows you to create a more seamless party experience by letting your players do the following:

  • Start a Bunch party inside your game without having to open Bunch or leave your game
  • Interact via video chat (instead of voice only) while playing your game on any device.

In addition, Party KIT lets you customize the video chat overlay in several ways:

  • Choose where the video chat overlay appears
  • Change the opacity of the video chat overlay and make it appear or disappear
  • Dynamically change who each player sees in the overlay based on what’s happening during the game (e.g., you can display the opponent the player is shooting at)

Our Party KIT SDK will be available soon! Want early access? Get in touch with us here.