Bunch is a group video chat app designed for live mobile games. Bunch KIT allows developers like you to integrate the best features of Bunch into their games so they can bring players back more often—with their friends.

Join the Bunch Network™

When you join the Bunch Network™, we feature your game on the Bunch app. This makes it easy for players to discover and jump into your game together with their friends right from a text conversation or group video chat.

Ready to join the Bunch Network™? Follow these steps to get started:
  1. Become a Partner - To join our closed partner program, submit an application and we'll get back to you soon. Apply now.
  2. Support Deep Linking - Ensure your game supports a deep linking protocol that allows multiple players to jump into the same game session by following the same link from another app (e.g., iMessage or Bunch). Learn more here.
  3. Submit Your Game - Submit metadata for your game, such as title and asset information. We’ll use this to display your game in the best possible way on our network. Submit now.

Integrate Bunch Kit

Want to make the Bunch party experience available to any of your players right inside your game? Integrate Bunch KIT to weave some of the best features of our app into your game.

You don’t have to integrate an SDK to use Bunch KIT. Getting started is as easy as adding a Party Button™ inside your game.

However, if you integrate our Party KIT or Moments KIT SDKs, you’ll have more control over the user experience and get to offer more Bunch functionality to your players.

Here’s how you can integrate Bunch KIT with your game:

  • Party Button™ - Lets your players jump into a Bunch party (group video chat) from your game, invite their friends to the same group video chat, and launch back into the game with their party crew. No SDK required.
  • Party Kit (coming soon) - Lets your players connect their Bunch account to your game so they don't need to leave your game to start a party. SDK integration required.
  • Moments Kit (coming soon) Lets your players share activity and moments from their gameplay with their friends on Bunch and other popular networks (e.g. Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, iMessage). SDK integration required.

Got Feedback?

We’re always looking for ways to make our developer platform and documentation easier to understand and use. If you’re having trouble with something or experiencing any issues, please get in touch with us here.

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