Frequent Questions

What's your pricing model?

Our developer platform is completely free to use. We also won’t charge you to use our voice and video chat features inside your game.

How does Bunch KIT create a better user experience than an in-game chat service?

In-game chat services are great when players match inside your game and you want to let them communicate over voice while they play. However, in-game chat begins and ends with the game session and doesn’t allow friends to chat before and after the game. When you integrate Bunch KIT, you give your players a way to communicate with their friends via video chat before, while, and after playing.

Does implementing Bunch KIT require integrating an SDK?

No, you can simply add a Party Button™ to your game that deep links into the Bunch app. Learn more about the Party Button™ here.

However, if you implement our Party KIT or Moments KIT SDKs, you’ll be able to offer more Bunch functionality inside your game and let players start parties in your game without having to launch the Bunch app.

Can I display a video chat overlay if I integrate just the Party Button™ and not an SDK?

The Android operating system lets apps run in the background while displaying a video chat overlay (picture-in-picture). This allows Bunch to project a dynamic video chat overlay on top of your game while running in the background. Unfortunately, you can’t achieve this experience out of the box on iOS devices because they don’t currently support picture-in-picture.

However, if you integrate our Party KIT SDK, you can display video chat overlays in your game no matter what device your players are using. Our Party KIT also lets you customize the video chat experience and dynamically change who each player sees in the overlay based on what’s happening in your game.

Why should my game support a deep linking protocol?

When your game supports a deep linking protocol, your players can easily invite their friends to play your game together. All they have to do is share a link to a game session with their friends on their favourite chat apps (e.g., iMessage, WhatsApp, or Bunch). When friends follow the invite link, they get dropped into the same game session as soon as they open your app. To learn more, check out our deep linking guide.

Does implementing Bunch voice and video functionality hinder my game’s performance?

It depends on your game and the device your player is using. Performance may be affected due to network connection usage and CPU processing power. That said, we haven’t observed any visual impact when testing on an iPhone SE with video overlay while playing intense action games, such as Guns of Boom and Brawl Stars. In all tests, the Bunch video overlay functioned well throughout the game session.

We’re continuing to optimize our SDKs to improve their performance further. Want more info about our stress tests? Contact us at

Does Bunch work if any of the players are on a data connection instead of a WiFi network?

It depends on the network condition. WiFi connections usually give players better bandwidth and latency. However, some cellular networks can match the speed needed to provide the highest-quality video stream. To give your players the best experience possible in their network condition, our video framework dynamically adjusts the transmission based on the current network condition.

My game has a tutorial or onboarding experience for first-time users. What should happen when new players deep link to join a party?

We suggest skipping or deferring the tutorial or onboarding experience when first-time users deep link to join a party in your game. This way, their friends won’t have to wait for them to complete the onboarding process. They’ll also experience “aha” moments in your game sooner because they’ll learn by playing with their friends.

What happens when a user joins a party on Bunch but doesn't have my game installed yet?

The player who joins the party can see the deep link to join your game. When they tap this link, Bunch helps them install your game directly from the app store and join the game session directly by opening your app.

What if I just want to use voice chat (no video overlays) during gameplay?

We can configure your game on our end to disable the video chat (and rely only on voice), or we can customize where and how the video overlay is displayed in your game. Alternatively, by implementing our Party KIT, you can disable or customize the video overlay based on what’s happening in your game. For example, you can choose to display a video overlay in the game lobby instead of during gameplay.

How many players can participate in a Bunch party?

While there’s no technical limit to how many players can participate in a Bunch party, we’ve set this limit to 8 people. Of course, the number of players who can play your game together depends entirely on the specifications of your game; Bunch simply gives your players an easy way to join your game and communicate while they play.

Does Bunch KIT work for my PC or console game too?

Although Bunch is currently available only as a companion app for live mobile games, we’re planning to roll out an easy-to-use PC client for Bunch soon. Want more info as it becomes available? Let us know here.